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Nandana Private Resort, Grand Bahama… and now for something exotic, simply because it was so wonderful there, one of the best experiences of last year! Beam us to the sun, to the Caribbean! The Bahamas are made up of 700 islands, many of them remote, just 30 of which are inhabited. One of the largest and finest is Grand Bahama. And at the westernmost point, where the sun goes down, Nandana has opened up, a dream world of teak, water, ocean and beach. There are four chic bungalows, a tent, like in a lodge, a main house with antique treasures and a cuisine concept without parallel. Here it is possible for guests to catch, collect and find everything that ends up in the pot. But only if you want too, obviously! The catch of the day is fished on excursions with the deep-sea yacht, conches and spiny lobsters are snorkeled for in the bathwater-warm blue sea, where they live en masse.

Conservation regulations are observed – of course! The fat freshwater crabs crawl around right in front of the building. Fruits and vegetables, some of which only grow here in the Bahamas, are pro- cured during a tour of the market. And now comes the best thing of all: all of these ingredients are prepared by Alejandro Choy and Tonnie Perez, the two chefs de cuisine, whilst the guests gaze into the kitchen from the pool, cocktails in hand. Their work is done! And now it is masterfully conjured into delicious dishes: juicy conch ceviche with a fantastic salad of caramelised nuts, marinated in bourbon. This is followed by barracuda and lobster, grilled, with garlic, tumeric and lemon. You cannot get fresher than that! And, as a gloriously-sweet dessert, freshly-made ice-cream made from lucama fruit, with sapodilla plums.

By the way, Choy once cooked with kitchen star Wolfgang Birk in the Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach, the former Versace villa. Cooking courses are also offered in the Nandana, of course. And those that think all this is too far away are wrong. It is just 90 kilometers to Fort Lauderdale, Nandana’s private jet flies half an hour and excursion boats or scheduled flights from Florida to Grand Bahama cost less than one hundred dollars. Well then! Time to get some island air again! Nandana Private Resort, West End, Grand Bahama, Bahamas,, +1-212-621 0350