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Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams

As we into the second month of the New Year, this Jetsetter is hopeful that the days of the Great Recession are squarely behind us. Frankly, the Great Depression redux has been a bit of a bore, and I yearn for a taste of the Good Old Days when AmEx Black Cards were as au courant as trips to Costco. (Actually, those days were a wee heady for my tastes—let’s just find some economic stability.) Speaking of over-the-top and tip, top, terrific (and we can all dream and pay a visit if only via armchair travel, n’est-ce pas?), let’s take a look at Nandana, an uber-luxe new resort on Grand Bahama Island that will certainly remind us how good the good life can be.

Anchored by an 18,000-square-foot Balinese-styled beach house, Nandana is the perfect escape for a new decade surely to be fixated on discreet decadence. This soaring main house has 40-foot-high ceilings and a wall of sliding glass doors opening to an expansive veranda and a 120-foot infinity pool overlooking the sea. Surrounding the main house are five one- bedroom suites including two 1,000- square-foot beachfront pavilions, two garden bungalows and a 2,000-square- foot “safari-style” canopy suite.

Nandana, take me away!
Ah, now doesn’t that feel better… Costco cereal boxes be damned.