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Though mass tourism of the seventies and eighties had severed all associations between luxury and Grand Bahama, ironically the hurricanes of 2004 blew away the touristy riffraff that had become the island’s Achilles heel. In the wake of Frances and Jeanne, Grand Bahama has begun to rebuild and return to its more illustrious period circa 1958, when it rivaled Cuba as the vacation grounds for wealthy Americans.

Grand Bahama’s revival is concentrated in the West End district, in a region known as Old Bahama Bay. Heavy public and private investment to the tune of $5 billion has translated into the construction of a new marina, a private airport, refurbished docks, an expansive golf course, restructured inlets, bike paths, and secluded beaches —a tropical utopia of luxury homes, condos, and resorts.

At the westernmost reach of the West End, Nandana Private Resort rises from the Caribbean blue as a palatial, Thai-inspired mansion segued between Earth and sea through the placid waters of the surrounding 120-foot infinity pool.Thearchitecturallyinspiringoceanfrontwatimpresseswithsoaring40- foot ceilings, over sized outdoor shower lounges, Burmese teak and stone clad interiors, and a 2,000-square-foot, air-conditioned safari tent fashioned after the Indian campgrounds at Aman-i-Khas. The resort comfortably accommodates one dozen, regularly tended to by an entourage of smiling attendants and service professionals trained in the Maldives. During mealtimes, two dedicated chefs ingeniously combine Floribbean flavors with Peruvian and Cuban influences for novel gastronomic experiences. At all times, the resort’s 50-foot-deep sea fishing yacht, 20-foot tender, bikes, jet skis, motorbikes, DVD library and well-stocked bar remain at guests’ disposal.

Nevertheless, it’s the natural raw beauty of Grand Bahama that fosters the most lasting memories. Spectacular sunsets viewed from the infinity pool, mountains of conchs on barrier islands, the reflection of enormous red and orange starfish in shallow waters, the downy sands on isolated beaches, and the ever-changing shades of blue in a single panorama—together with Nandana’s glorious infrastructure—revive a bygone era of exclusive Bahamian hideaways.

For your private escape, visit or call the Nandana Concierge at 877.220.0737. Nandana can be reached by the resort’s private plane, personal yacht, or flights to Freeport, Bahamas.