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The Epitome of Pure Tropical Design & Luxury

Designed renowned architect Mark de Reus of cle Reus Architectsin an Asian beach house style. Nandana {paradise in Sanskrit} offers a vacation experience like no other. This private ocean front villa, .located in Old Bahama Bay Resort Grand Bahama. accommodates Ihe lifestyle needs of the owner and funciions as a rental villa in the international resort market.

Completed in 2008 in association with Hart Howarton, Mark de Reus was the design principal during the conceptual and design development stages and Dan Whitney completed the architectural work to the point of construction.

the heart of the properly is the Great Hall, a spectacular main house with soaring 40-foot ceilings and spacious living and dining areas. Towering sliding glass doors open wide to warm tropical seo breezes and breathtaking ocean views.

An expansive veranda leads to a dazzling 120-foot infinity pool overlooking the sea. There. amidst swaying palms and surrounding the main house are five, individual and richly appointed bedroom suites each providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, including two majestic 1,000-square-foot beoch front Pavilions, two large garden and a lavish custom-mode 2,000-square-foot “safari-style” tent.

The entire compound is made from natural materials. Imposed Burmese teak covers the floors. walls and ceilings (Ire mode with Balinese limestone and Italian marble completes the elegant and airy interiors. More than 300 palm trees and a variety of other tropical plants fill the extensively landscaped grounds. Framed on the west by the sea and melting sun.


de Reus Architectonics industry leader of luxury resort architecture. Custom residential architecture and master planning. Based on the Big Island as Hawaii, the architect firm has helped shape standard of luxury lying in private residential developments by providing architectural designs based on craftsmanship. Innovation and tradition and informed by the art of place making.

Mark de Reus has been recognized as one of the world’s top architects and designers ol1d his work Or Onondaga l IlIlIy Justine such on accolade, This property and architect recline perfectly the Cocotroie theme of tropical living and interior design excellence.

Getting There

Nanadana’s facilities are designed for your lifestyle. reach them by yacht (65 miles from the South Florida Cost) helicopter or private jet to their private airport. if you choose to arrive at the private airport. Nandana staff will greet and escort you on the two-minute ride to the property. Alternatively, commercial flights from most U.S. and European cities arrive at Freeport International Airport.

The Nanadana concierge greets all arrivals. Those arriving at Nanadana’s private docks or jet airstrip will be escorted through discreet and efficient on-site customs and immigration clearance. Those arriving by commercial air will be met by the Nanadana concierge and driven by private, air-conditioned chauffeur-driver vehicle to Nandana compound.